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Dbaajimowinan: Our Stories

Hey everyone, some work of mine is part of a group exhibition happening now at the Humber Galleries in Toronto! The show is running from November 26th, 2018 - January 19th, 2019.

Our lives come into being through stories. Stories give shape, meaning, and purpose to our existence, showing us who we can be, now and in the future. They help us to discover the limits and possibilities of our humanity, planting deep roots in rich soil.

The Aboriginal Resource Centre (ARC) and Humber Galleries are honoured to feature visual art, dance, photography, beadwork, mixed media, and installations by emerging Indigenous artists. Dbaajimowinan: Our Stories is a dynamic and engagingly fresh take on how the stories we tell— about ourselves, the world and everything in it— are the basis of reality and future experience. Applying a mix of traditional and contemporary concepts, techniques and styles, these artists make and remake themselves, imaginatively and philosophically, with each story.

At its heart, Dbaajimowinan: Our Stories invites the audience to join the conversation, exploring not only who we are as individuals, but also what we are inspired to create.

This Thursday December 6th is the opening reception for Dbaajimowinan: Our Stories is happening at the North Space Gallery! Join us from 3-5pm to hear from a few of the artists and enjoy some catering from @powwowcafe. Event is free to attend and all are welcome. #dbaajimowinanhumber

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