Floral designs are a celebrated art form well-known to be a part of Anishinaabe culture best exemplified through the colourful designs found on beadwork.


Flowers lead the medicine people to the roots, the bark and seeds, it is here where healing medicine is found. In the old days, the medicine people would communicate with their other through messages contained in secret, passing along cultural knowledge in their work under the brutal gaze of settlers who did their best to strip the people of our way of life.


The geometric symmetry often seen in Ojibway floral designs is a reflection of the balance that is sought after in our life. It is for this reason that this important aspect of our culture can be found on ceremonial and dance outfits & bandolier bags as well as distinctive elements of everyday items such as jackets, moccasins, earrings and other jewellery. 






Acrylic on Canvas


36” x 48”






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