As an adoptee of the 60’s Scoop, the disconnect between me and my culture was so profound, so immediate and so brutally severed that by the time I was an adult trying to make my way through life, I felt that I did not belong to anyone. Without an identity to claim as my own, I found it difficult to hang on.


In this painting, the drummer connects with both the drum and the tree, though at first glance, that connection might not be evident. This is how l have seen the world. To make this picture, I have to believe that there is a relationship between all three of these seemingly independent things.


After so many years of searching, something new has happened. I hear something new in the songs, I have experienced new sensations when making a drum with the people and I have an increased knowledge when learning about eco-systems from an Anishinaabe point of view. 


This is a good starting point.


The Giving Tree Redux




Acrylic on Canvas





The Giving Tree Redux

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