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In Anishinaabe societies, women are held as leaders and in this painting, I want to identify the clan system as being a form of governance that makes for a strong community, and a system that requires that women participate as full members of the community. 


I view Bear as a powerful, visible protector of the people and I think that the Bear Clan offers strong leadership qualities. Women possess this spirit and are best suited to make decisions and to lead for they demonstrate the courage and teach the moral and mental strength required to overcome fear.


I think it is of great importance to remind ourselves of the importance of honouring women in our everyday actions and thoughts and to make room for women to feel safe and included. Women are medicine people and they concern themselves with the health and protection of the people. We are wise to learn from them.


Bear Song




Acrylic on Canvas


36” x 48”


Purchase inquiries through Suzan Kostiuk at the Excellent Frameworks, Duncan, BC.

Bear Song

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